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Soldiers' Comforts from Halifax

Halifax Courier, 2 Jan 1915

From the Halifax Courier, 2nd January 1915


Out of our Soldiers' Comforts Fund, Christmas parcels were sent for 16 wounded and staff, in the military hospital at the Barracks. The consignment comprised pipes, tobacco, cigarettes, chocolates, and fruit.

We have aid from more children; many thousands of tiny fingers have been busy upon work for the brave men. These letters came with goods to-day:-

Council School, Copley, Wednesday.
Dear Sir,—Enclosed are four body belts, which have been made by the school children at Copley. Will you kindly pack them in the parcel for the Front, with very best wishes to our brave soldiers there.—-Yours faithfully, Olive N. Jackson.

Clay Pit Lane, Sowood, Stainland.
Dear Soldiers,—We are sending you these few cigarettes to comfort you, instead of spending our money on Christmas cards: Wishing you the compliments of the season, and that the War will soon be over, so that you can come home and have more comforts.
—From Florrie Gledhill. 
Alma Gledhill.
Nellie Clegg.

The Oaks, St. Alban's-road, Halifax;—Wishing one of our brave soldiers every happiness and Godspeed in the New Year.— Dorothy Moore, age 12.
This little lady sent a muffler and cigarettes.

A tram conductor sends us the following, illustrating the zealous ingenuity of a passenger on the car under his charge:-
“Dear Sir. – Enclosed you will find 2s. 7d. for the Soldiers’ Cigarette Fund subscribed by passengers on a Queensbury car on Christmas Eve.  The idea came from a passenger, who said that if the rest of the passengers inside the car would give one penny each towards the Cigarette Fund for the soldiers in the trenches, he himself would give one shilling.  They gave me the money, trusting to my honesty to forward the same. – Yours truly, Conductor S. Sutcliffe (No.74)."

To the Kind-hearted.—Shirts, pants, vests, sweaters, cardigans, socks, gloves, and mittens are always welcome gifts, and in this treacherous damp and cold how much they must be appreciated by our brave fellows at the front and in the camps.  We shall publish lists of their further needs as we receive them.

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