Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Request for Razors

From the Glasgow Herald, January 21, 1915.

A War Office Request.—In response to a request from the War Office the Cutlers’ Company, Cutlers’ Hall, Sheffield, has undertaken the collection of any spare razors there may be available in the country for the use of our troops.  Very large orders have been placed for new razors with the manufacturers, but the demand is such that the number forthcoming from the manufacturers is not sufficient to meet the present demands.  It is felt that there is a large number of spare razors in the hands of persons not using them, who will only be too pleased to assist in the lessening of the discomforts of our troops by devoting them to this purpose. Mr W. H. Ellis, Master Cutler, therefore makes the request that any spare razors (in their cases) may be sent forward addressed to him at the Cutlers’ Hall, Sheffield.  He is making the necessary arrangements for the razors as received to be examined and put in order if necessary before being sent to the War Office.  He is hopeful of being able to obtain upwards of 100,000 razors.

[As a Sheffield native, I find it very pleasing to see the city involved in the war effort in this way.  The Master Cutler is a big cheese in Sheffield.]

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