Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hose-Tops for Highland Regiments.

From the Glasgow Herald, 21st January, 1915.

Hose-Tops for Highland Regiments. – Lady Tullibardine would be much obliged if ladies knitting hose-tops for the various Highland regiments would not send them to her, but to the other ladies who are now collecting them, as she is leaving Boughton House, Kettering, shortly, and is closing her collection prior to departure.

As already stated, she has been able to provide for all the Highland regiments serving with the Expeditionary Force, and surplus hose-tops, in authorised shades, are being divided among Special Reserve battalions, battalions of the new Army, and the Canadian Highlanders.  Large quantities of hose-tops, in unauthorised shades, have been despatched to Indian regiments through the Indian Soldiers’ Fund, and to men serving in mine-sweeping trawlers or patrol boats of the Royal Navy, to whom they are very acceptable.

[This is the follow-up to Lady Tullibardine's original appeal for 15,000 hose-tops in October 1914.   I don't know what the Indian regiments were using the hose-tops in unauthorised colours for, but I suspect that the men on mine-sweepers and Navy patrol boats were wearing them over their arms and wrists.]

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