Friday, 16 January 2015

Sending Soap to Tommy

From Woman’s Weekly, 16th January 1915

Tommy’s Parcel

“What shall I send him?” everyone inquires, anxious to do up a small parcel for some brave man in khaki.  And the usual thing they decide on is tobacco or chocolate.

But there’s one thing more that Tommy would be very grateful for, and that is a clean face-towel.  Probably he lost his only one weeks ago, and when a rare occasion enables him to revel in a wash, he’d find it a far more luxurious affair if he had a nice clean towel to dry on.

Remember this when you are doing up a parcel for “the Front”.  It’s a good idea, too, to tuck a cake of nice scented soap into some corner.

You have to be without soap and water for a time to realise what a treat it is to be clean once more – and Tommy is a cleanly person!

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