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War Work For Women

From the South Wales Weekly Post, 20th March 1915.



The Board of Trade, on behalf of the Government, have been at work on the problem of women's help in the war, and have now framed a scheme with a view to dealing with it.  The scope and character of it is set out in the following official statements-

War Service for Women.
The President of the Board of Trade wishes to call attention to the fact that in the present emergency, if the full fighting power of the nation is to be put forth on the field of battle, the full working power of the nation must be made available to carry on its essential trades at home. Already, in certain important occupations there are not enough men and women to do the work.  This shortage will shortly spread to other occupations as more and more men join the fighting forces.

In order to meet both the present and the future needs of national industry during the war, the Government wish to obtain particulars of the women available, with or without previous training, for paid employment.  Accordingly, they invite all women who are prepared, if needed, to
Take paid employment of any kind
—industrial, agricultural, clerical, etc.—to enter themselves upon the Register of Women for War Service which is being prepared by the Board of Trade Labour Exchanges.

Any woman living in a town where there is a Labour Exchange can register by going there in person.  If she is not near a Labour Exchange she can get a form of registration from the local agency of the Unemployment Fund.  Forms will also be sent out through a number of women's societies.

The object of registration is to find out what reserve force of women's labour, trained or untrained, can be made available if required.  As from time to time actual openings for employment present themselves, notice will be given through the Labour Exchanges, with full details as to the nature of work, conditions, and pay, and, so far as special training is necessary, arrangements will, if possible, be made for the purpose.

Any woman who by working
Helps to release a man
or to equip a man for fighting does national war service.  Every woman should register who is willing to take employment.

[This was the beginning of a big effort by the Government to mobilise the entire population.  Perhaps they were beginning to see that the war was going to last a long time.] 

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