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The Ideal Helmet for a Sailor

From the "Woman's Own” Crochet Supplement 20th March 1915.

The Ideal Helmet for a Sailor

This has been designed so that when worn as a cap the flaps fasten above the centre of crown, and when lowered fasten beneath the chin, and, with the cap pulled well over, forms complete protection for the head; a comfort much appreciated by our soldiers and sailors, and far more acceptable than the usual cap.  This design is also suitable for convalescent Tommies able to lie or sit out of doors.  Use Beehive 4-ply Scotch fingering and No. 6 hook.

Wind the wool into two balls, and work from both at the same time.  The crown is worked firmly throughout in half treble (h. tr.) as follows: Wool over, insert hook in stitch, draw through, wool over, draw through the 3 loops on hook. Make a slip-knot, and work into it 8 h. tr., join with s.s.

2nd round: 2 h. tr. into each stitch of previous round, working the first into top thread of h. tr. (near the forefinger), and for the second insert hook into the same stitch, and also through the horizontal thread at the back of the stitch (16 stitches).
3rd round: 1 h. tr. into each stitch of previous round, inserting hook under top thread and also through the thread at the back of the same stitch.  Join a piece of coloured thread to mark the commencement of round.
4th round : Same as 2nd round.
5th round : Same as 3rd round.
6th round : * 1 h. tr. in 1st, 2 h. tr. in next stitch; repeat from *.
7th round : Same as 3rd.
8th round : 1 into each of the first 2 stitches, 2 h. tr. in next.
9th and 10th round: Same as 3rd.
11th round : * 1 h. tr. into each of the first 3 stitches, 2 h. tr. in next; repeat from *.
12th round : Same as 3rd.
13th round : Same as 11th.
14th round : Same as 3rd.
15th to 22nd round: 1 h. tr. into each h. tr. of previous round.
23rd round : Turn work, s.s. into each stitch, taking up back thread.
Then commence ear-flaps :
1st row : * 1 s.s. into each of the next 22 stitches.  Turn this and each successive row with 1 ch.
2nd row : Miss 1st stitch, 1 s.s. into each of the remaining stitches, working into ch. which turned previous row.
3rd to 5th row : Same as 2nd.
6th to 18th row : 1 s.s. into each stitch of previous row.
19th and 20th row : Same as 2nd.
21st row : Same as 6th. Repeat last 3 rows twice.

Then decrease one in each row until there are only 5 stitches in the row; work on these 5 stitches until the top of flap reaches centre of crown of cap, make 7 ch., fasten to end stitch.  S.s. twice round flap, d.c. across 30 stitches for front of cap, and repeat -from 1st row for second flap. Do not make loop at top, but cover a small mould with d.c. and sew to the top. Thread a wool needle with a length of wool, and run round the edge of each flap, draw up slightly at top so that the flaps fit snugly.

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