Sunday, 22 March 2015

Bovril Appeal

From The Observer, 21st March 1915.


The work initiated on behalf of the soldiers by Miss Gladys Storey has outgrown its modest beginning.  Moved by the accounts of the suffering of the men exposed to frost and rain --- standing sometimes for hours in water up to their waists --- Miss Storey conceived the idea of designing a memorial card to Lord Roberts, and devoting the proceeds to the supply of some added comfort for the men in the trenches.  The idea was simple, but it proved an instantaneous success.  In a very short time fifty thousand cards had been sold; donations were also received.  From the proceeds supplies of hot Bovril were by arrangement with the Military Authorities being served out to the men, who, from their position in the firing line, were cut off from the hot meals elsewhere provided for them.  Donations began to come in, and since December constant consignments have been kept up.  Originally Miss Storey had no idea of appealing for donations; so great, however, is the appreciation expressed in letters from the front from all ranks that Miss Storey has felt it a duty to carry the matter further, and is making a great effort to raise £10,000 so that supplies to all regiments be continued and increased….. 

[An account of Miss Storey's original appeal is here.]

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