Sunday, 8 March 2015

Things Our Soldiers Are Asking For

From the Rochdale Observer, 6th March 1915. 


[The following is a short extract from a much longer article, discussing all kinds of items that soldiers might need in addition to their standard kit.]

Warm woollen wear is needed at this time of the year, both at the front and in the training camp.  Our military authorities have done remarkably good work in clothing the soldiers, and a host of ladies connected with various organisations and societies all over the country have rendered valuable supplementary service in providing comforts, but there are yet many soldiers and sailors who are not so warmly clad as they ought to be.  A heavy knitted cardigan jacket is very acceptable to our soldiers, to be worn under their tunics to keep the rude blast of blustering Boreas from chilling; and sleeping helmets, body-belts, mittens, mufflers, and socks will help to keep our men in good health and make them fit and strong for that great march forward which we are told to look for in the early spring— an advance which will, we hope, result in the complete overthrow of that spirit of militarism which has  been  the curse of the German empire.

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