Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Piano and a Dog

From The Times, 31 March 1915. 


Lady Jellicoe, in a letter thanking the public for the generous response made to the appeal for comforts for the sailors, writes:—

“We have dispatched, to all classes of ships— i.e., to armoured merchant cruisers as well as to his Majesty's ships, the following articles:—Mufflers, 27,410; mittens, 21,530; socks, 15,353; helmets, 6,615; belts, 5,830; jerseys, 3,982; vests, 1,793; blankets, 1,919; shirts, 1,115; pants, 1,075; besides quantities of sweets, pipes and tobacco, books, two gramophones, a piano, and a dog.

“In addition, I have received over £22,000 in cash, which has been spent in supplying blankets, thermos flasks, and sea boots to the Fleet.  It is Sir John's express wish that the surplus money should be held over for the present, as owing to the near approach of summer there is no further need for supplying extra warm comforts, and therefore I intend to close this fund after Easter.  If by evil chance the war still continues in October, I shall reopen this fund, but if by that date the war is happily ended, the surplus money will be devoted to the widows and children of non-commissioned warrant officers.

“By the kindness of the directors of Harrod's Stores all comforts received after Easter will be stored there until required.”

[Admiral Sir John Jellicoe was in command of the Grand Fleet; Lady Jellicoe was his wife.]

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