Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Tribute to Breconshire Wool

From the Brecon County Times, 11th March 1915.


A high tribute to the quality of Breconshire wool was paid at a meeting of the Breconshire War Fund Committee on Wednesday last week by Miss deWinton, who is in charge of the War Clothing Depot.  She said that she had sent some socks to Milford Haven, and one of the non-commissioned officers had written her that he was wearing a pair of these socks, that he was on duty for 14 hours every day, and marched a great deal, and yet the socks still kept good.

The Breconshire War Fund Committee have voted the sum of £300 to Miss deWinton for materials for making socks and shirts.  At the meeting Miss deWinton made an appeal to workers to send her a postcard when they wanted wool or material, intimating the time they would call at the Depot and the quantity required.  She regretted that since the departure of Miss Philip Morgan there had been no recognised working party at Brecon, but persons were working individually.

[Good to see that Miss deWinton is keeping busy, and is getting financial support from the county War Fund.  The previous post about the Brecon War Clothing Depot is here.]      

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