Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bovril is British

From the Halifax Courier, 31st October 1914.


When you buy Bovril you can be sure you are getting the product of a genuine all-British, and always British company.

BOVRIL always has been BRITISH  and consequently there has been no need to make any change in the constitution or directorate of the Company SINCE THE OUTBREAK OF THE WAR.

Insist on having Bovril - British to the backbone.

[Another ad, like the earlier ones for Lyons and Jaeger, stating that a company is completely British.  The emphasis that Bovril has always been British suggests that some companies had had to ditch some foreign directors since the start of the war, so that then they could claim that they were all-British.

For overseas readers:  Bovril was, and still  is, a dark brown meat extract, sold in jars, that can be spread on bread or toast, or diluted in hot water to make a drink.]  

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