Saturday, 18 October 2014

Amazing War Serial Continues

From Woman’s Own, 17th October 1914.

Something in the cold, sinister aspect of the cloaked figure, thrown into lurid relief by the flickering firelight, something in the imperious, arrogant tones of the voice suddenly caused Lucy Meadows to realise that she was in the presence of the Great Hun—the Kaiser William himself.

But neither fear nor dismay was written in the proud, white face of the girl. The light of indomitable courage burned in her blue, English eyes. Struggling in the cruel grip of the two Uhlan officers, she looked the Kaiser full in the face.

“Butcher of women and children—-I defy you!” she exclaimed in an exaltation of scorn and contempt.

An amazing Incident from the superb War Serial by George Edgar, Author of "The Rose Girl," which you can begin in this week's ANSWERS.

[I cannot imagine where this serial is heading.  It's only episode 2 and the heroine is already in enemy hands, not to mention meeting the Kaiser.   And by the conventions of romantic fiction, she is going to end up marrying Guy Standish, who was already wounded in episode 1.  And somehow they have to get the better of the  arch-traitor and spy, Oscar Schultz - but not the Kaiser, unless the author is planning on writing his own version of history. 

Unfortunately - I don't know.  I don't have any more ads for later episodes...  So we can't see for how much longer Lucy manages to keep her apron pristine while wandering about behind German lines.  Apologies.] 

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