Tuesday, 21 October 2014

More Sweaters Wanted

From The Times, 21st October 1914. 



Sir, -- Who sups with the devil must have a long spoon, and who bets with the British public should have a long purse.  But (mainly through unasked help of friends) my offer, to which you kindly gave space, holds good.

I will dye, and hand over to the proper quarter, any sweaters that your readers are good enough to send me.

Cases in point.  Two officers commanding units coming from – well, coming from far warmer climate than the Aisne – ask for sweaters in bulk for their good men who will be at the front in a fortnight’s time, and in a fortnight the weather may be really cold.  I have, of course, telegraphed “Yes.”

It is perhaps a weak point, for the moment, that I have not got the sweaters – the 2,500 sent me in answer to my request for 150 being already pledged – but I know well that your readers will send them to me.
Yours faithfully,
8, King’s Bench Walk, Inner Temple, E.C.

[This was a follow-up to John Penoyre's earlier letter in which he asked for 150 sweaters (and got 2,500 in response) and made the rash undertaking to dye as many sweaters as were sent in.]

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