Wednesday, 8 October 2014

More Socks Needed in Brecon

Brecon County Times, 8th October 1914.


1,000 Pairs of Socks Wanted by October 29th.

Miss deWinton has now sent off 1,450 shirts from the depot and has received most grateful thanks for the last 100 sent to the 4th Battalion at Swindon.  She will be away from October 7th for two weeks.  She hopes the workers will work hard at socks.  The wool can be had direct from Messrs Williams and Son, the Priory Mills, Brecon; five socks to 1lb of wool.  Pattern for knitting will be found below.  Until Miss deWinton's return no materials will be given out from the depot.

.....Pattern for socks.-- Knit with No. 12 needles; cast on 60 stitches; knit five inches, 3 purl, 3 plain; knit 6 inches plain; with 29 stitches on each needle knit 30 rows to form heel; turn heel; length of foot, 11 inches; white heels and toes are best; wash socks with soda and soap.

[Miss de Winton (or deWinton) had set up the War Clothing Depot in Brecon, as described in an earlier post.  Here, she is coming over as a bit dictatorial.  "I'm going away for 2 weeks, but you must all keep working hard." And that is the shortest and most unhelpful pattern for socks I have ever seen. It is only any use to someone who already knows how to knit socks, and I'm not sure it makes much sense even then.]  

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