Friday, 17 October 2014

A Thrilling War Serial

From an ad in Woman's Own, 10th October 1914


From behind the friendly shelter of the clump of trees both Lucy Meadows and Guy Standish had recognised, in the foremost of the advancing Uhlans, the figure of Oscar Schultz— the arch-traitor and spy.  He and his companions had stopped, puzzled, within forty yards of the lovers’ rude hiding-place.

Guy Standish almost permitted himself a cry of satisfaction on seeing Schultz within pistol-shot and, as he whipped out his revolver, he said, in low, tense, passionate tones:  “Now I can settle the long account between us!  He cannot escape this time!”

“For God's sake, Guy, don't shoot!”  implored Lucy.  “Think—think what would happen to me!”
There was a sudden move forward on the part of the Uhlans.

“You are right, Lucy,” said Guy in a strange, hoarse voice.  “I'll keep the two remaining bullets—one for you and the other for myself!”

A thrilling incident in the superb War Serial, "A Place in the Sun," by GEO. EDGAR, Author of “The Rose Girl”, which begins in ANSWERS this week.

[Uhlans were German cavalry. "A Place in the Sun" must have been a nerve-wracking read, if it reached such a pitch in the very first episode. An ad for the second episode will appear tomorrow. ]    

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