Monday, 23 February 2015

TIZ for Sore Feet

 From The Cambria Daily Leader, 23rd February 1915.

"TIZ" for Sore, Tired Feet—Ah!
"Such a Relief!  How my sore, puffed-up, perspiring feet ached for TIZ."
"Pull, Johnny, Pull."

Ah! what relief. No more tired feet; no more burning feet; no more swollen, perspiring feet. No more soreness in corns, hard skin, bunions.
No matter what ails your feet or what under the sun you've tried without getting relief, just use TIZ. TIZ is the only remedy that draws out all the poisonous exudations which puff up the feet.  TIZ cures your foot trouble so that you'll never limp or draw up your face in pain. Your shoes won't seem tight and your feet will never, never hurt or get sore and swollen.  Think of it, no more foot misery, no more agony from corns, hard skin, or bunions.
Get a 1/1½  box at any chemist's or stores and get instant relief.  Wear smaller shoes. Just once try TIZ.  Get a whole year's foot comfort for only 1/1½.  Think of it.

[TIZ was obviously some sort of miracle potion..,.

1/1½ means 1 shilling and 1½ pence   - two hours' pay for many women.  (See my note on prices and currency for more information.] 

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