Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Gloves and Mittens Fund

From the Brecon & Radnor Express, 11th February, 1915.


Once again I urge upon the public the claim of the gloves and mittens fund for the men of the British Army in France and Flanders.  We all know how bravely they have fought, and with what good humour they have endured hardships and privations.  Living, fighting, marching, under the open sky by day and night, they are exposed to the bitterly piercing winds, the driving rain, the frosts and snows, and these weather conditions are not likely to improve for some time to come.  To quote a letter I have received, "it is terrible to think of our soldiers handling icy-cold rifles with freezing fingers."  The gloves and mittens fund which I started to carry out, the suggestion of my daughters, has sent 350,000 pairs of those useful articles to the front, but its good work (which has earned the approval of His Majesty, as also of Earl Kitchener and the Army Council) is seriously hampered for lack of support.  I asked for £25,000 last October, and, up to now, £13,000 has been subscribed.  The £12,000 still required would be given in a week—nay, in a day—did every reader of this letter realise how much the military efficiency and the health of the troops depend on their hands and wrists being kept warm.  I appeal, therefore, to the public for this £12,000 to enable the full supply of 500,000 pairs to be sent out without further delay.  Contributions sent to me at this address (cheques to be crossed Parr's Bank, Cavendish Square) will be personally acknowledged.—Yours, etc.

39, Portland Place, W.

[The previous fund-raising effort for the Grand Duke's gloves and mittens fund was reported here.

Unlike other appeals for comforts for the troops, this one is just for money - most of the others ask primarily for the comforts to be made (sewn or knitted), and as an afterthought say something like  "or money to buy them".   Perhaps that is why this appeal was less successful - or maybe other people wondered, as I do, "Why is a Russian Grand Duke living in London and asking for comforts for the British Army?"]

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