Friday, 13 February 2015

Scotland’s Champion Knitter

From the Denbighshire Free Press, 13th February 1915.


Scotland's Champion Knitter Has His Eczema Cured by Zam-Buk.

Mr. William Beattie, the Champion Knitter of Scotland, has been completely cured of 50 years' eczema by Zam-Buk.  Mr. Beattie, who has passed his 87th birthday, has had a remarkable career, but it is as a skilful knitter and worker for soldiers in this time of War that he is best known.  Mr. Beattie is the proud possessor of letters in recognition of his skill from the Queen, Prince of Wales, General French, and the late Lord Roberts.

Mr. Beattie, who is an Elder of the Cratton Road U.F. Church, Glasgow, said to a "Glasgow News'' representative:—
“I had had more or less trouble with my skin for 50 years, the earliest symptom being a scab on my face which got bigger and bigger, and latterly spread in an alarming manner.  My case shows the wisdom of not neglecting this sort of thing, for I cannot tell you all the sufferings I endured.  The irritation sometimes was very severe, the disfigurement caused me real distress.
I tried several doctors and ordinary ointments in vain.  I found Zam-Buk, however, was not an ordinary ointment but a healing and curative agent of remarkable power.  I had often heard of its success with other people, but at my age did not think anything could be of any good to me.  Still, I resolved to put Zam-Buk to the test.
“With the first dressing the irritation was greatly lessened, and one morning, after further Zam-Buk treatment, I was agreeably surprised to find it completely gone.  It has never returned.  Now, my skin is as clear as anybody could wish for, and remarkably healthy for one at my time of life. All this I have Zam-Buk to thank for.”
Zam-Buk is not only indispensable for use in the home and at work, but, like Mr. Beattie, it also brings comfort to our soldiers in France, who find it the best healer for their cuts, bruises, and sore feet.  Get Zam-Buk for your own home use and also send a box to your soldier friend.

[I have not been able to find out anything more about William Beattie, and how he came to be Scotland's Champion Knitter. I'd be very interested to know.

An earlier ad for Zam-Buk is here.] 

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