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The Alien Peril

From the Brecon County Times, 25th February 1915.


Formation of Women's Union to Fight Alien Peril.
Lady Glanusk has now carried the movement she began a fortnight ago in reference to the alien peril into the practical form of a strong union.  Her ladyship presided over a meeting held at her London residence on Friday, when it was decided to form a women's organisation to conduct a national campaign in order to press on the attention of the Government the feeling that exists with regard to the alien peril.

Among those present were the Duchess of Wellington, the Marchioness of Sligo, the Countess of Lanesborough, Viscountess Combermere, Viscountess Cobham, the Hon. Mrs W. Cavendish, Lady Mansfield-Clarke, Lady Massie-Blomfield, Lady (Owen) Philipps, Lady (Howard) Vincent, Mrs Cuninghame of Craigends, Mrs Philip Ashworth, Mrs Clive, Mrs Harold Baring, and Mrs Beckwith-Smith.

Lady Glanusk explained briefly that she had asked them to be present to consider what the women of England could do to urge the alien enemy peril on the Government.  "Women are the greatest sufferers from the war," she continued. "We have let our menkind go to fight for the country, and many of us will suffer losses which can never be made good.  Our right to protest is beyond question.  We must, of course, move carefully, and consider what steps are the best to bring about a remedy for this grave danger."

On the proposition of the Duchess of Wellington, seconded by Lady Sligo, a form of petition was unanimously approved, the text of which will be announced shortly.

The Duchess of Wellington consented to act as president of the new organisation, and Lady Glanusk was elected chairwoman.

A general committee was then formed, all the ladies whose names appear above expressing their willingness to serve. The following additional names were added, on the suggestion of Lady Glanusk and others, the ladies indicated having intimated their consent:—The Duchess of Sutherland, the Duchess of Beaufort, Countess Bathurst, and Lady Cowans.

The committee took authority to add to their numbers, and the suggestion was made and generally approved, that not only London and the great provincial centres but all country districts should be represented.  The details of the organisation were left to the committee, it being understood that a meeting would be called at an early date.

[I have no idea what this is about.  By 'the alien peril' they may possibly mean Germans living in Britain, but I don't know why aren't clearer about what they are worrying about.  

Lady Glanusk's meeting was reported in Brecon because her husband was the Lord Lieutenant of Breconshire.]      

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