Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Old Sweaters Dyed For The Troops

From the Manchester Courier, 11th February 1915. 


To the Editor of the "Manchester Courier."

Sir.—I undertake to dye khaki any sweaters sent me for the troops and to forward them to the proper quarter.  I have already distributed thus 11,400 sent me from all parts of the world.  Government, so far as my knowledge of camps and regiments goes, does the men splendidly but the ramifications of our services are such that there must inevitably be accidents, delays and shortages.

When sweaters are not to be had I can make good use of ladies' golf coats—any colour and form except the very short and much shaped type.  Out of a lady's golf coat I can make a khaki vest, a muffler and mitts ad lib., according to length, while I can turn cloth capes and fur cloaks into good thick waistcoats.  I hasten to add that I do not myself perform these miracles: they make a little work for a few poor women.—Yours, etc.
8. King's Bench Walk, Inner Temple. E.C., February 8th 

[This is the latest letter from John Penoyre asking for old sweaters and golf coats to be dyed khaki - an earlier appeal is here.   But perhaps he had been asked to explain what use he could make of ladies' golf coats.  Just before the war, sports coats for women had become popular.  They were either machine or hand-knitted, and made like a long cardigan; below is an ad for two of the machine-knitted variety, from March 1914.  I imagine this is the kind of coat he is asking for.] 


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