Thursday, 11 September 2014

Jaeger is British

From the Glasgow Herald, 11th September, 1914.

Text: The Jaeger Co.'s Notice to the Public.
To dispel all doubts which may have arisen in consequence of the name of a German scientist forming part of the title of the Company, we points out the following facts:-
The Jaeger Co. was founded here with British capital in 1883 to acquire sole rights throughout the British Empire in connection with the System of Pure Wool Clothing originated by Dr. Jaeger.
The Company has always been British, entirely under British control, and the greater part of the Company's goods is made in the United Kingdom.  We have also availed ourselves of the special skill and taste applied in various Continental countries to the production of certain articles;  but every effort is being made to produce in this country, and we shall be able to continue the supply of Jaeger Specialties in all departments.

LEWIS R. S. TOMALIN, Chairman.
Head Office:  95 Milton Street, London, E.C.
Branches in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
Agencies in all important towns.

[Like J. Lyons & Co., the Jaeger Co. felt that it was essential to dispel any idea that the company was in any way linked to Germany.] 

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