Friday, 26 September 2014

Advice to Girls

Advice to girls about to marry - get used to eating your breakfast thus.
This card was postmarked 26th September 1914, from Abertillery.   I assume that this design was introduced after the start of the war, because of all the wives and fiancees that were left at home when their men went off to war.  So the message had become appropriate, i.e. that if you're about to marry, you will have to get used to having breakfast on your own.

The message on the back reads: " My Dearest Little Girl, I Received your Loving Letter all safe, & It has set my mind at ease, Pet, because  I was very uneasy. I am sorry you have been bad [i.e. ill], Love.  Will write all news Later.  So Au Revoir from Your Loving Boy, Rol XXX"  

It is addressed to a Miss E. Terry or Leroy (the name is hard to read), at Littlecot, Strensall, York.  I can't find an E. Terry or Leroy at Strensall in 1911, or an address Littlecot, so I don't know anything about her, or about "Rol".

I imagine that Rol and his girl were engaged (from the subject of the postcard).  You can't help wondering what happened to them - did they get married?  Did he survive?  And I have no idea.

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