Friday, 19 September 2014

New Boots for the Territorials

From the Colne Valley Guardian, September 18th 1914.




Sir,—I fear that some misunderstanding has arisen in respect to the requirements of the Battalion. These have developed with the progress of time and have been met more or less satisfactorily, but we are in need of boots.

The recent dry weather has damaged the men's boots to an extent far in excess of ordinary wear and tear.  The men will be required to pay for any fresh boots that are issued to them, as they have already had all that they are entitled to.  It is almost impossible to obtain boots through the ordinary channels of supply owing to the large number of recruits being enlisted throughout the country.

A firm of bootmakers have undertaken to supply the Battalion completely by the end of this week, and I propose to issue the boots to the men at half-price, but in order that this may be done some funds must be available.  Some subscriptions have already been promised and I would ask other friends of the Battalion kindly to send their contributions to Mr. Robert Ramsden, Edgerton Bank, Huddersfield; to Mr. Harold Tanner, Dobcross, Oldham; or to

Your faithful servant,
G. W. TREBLE, Colonel,
Commanding 7th (Colne Valley ) Batt.
West Riding Regiment.
Immingham Docks, Grimsby,
Sept. 14th, 1914.

[It seems outrageous that soldiers who had worn out their boots in training, while under orders, and so through no fault of their own, should be required to pay for replacements - especially since privates were only paid a shilling a day.]  

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  1. Outrageous! I hope that Huddersfield responded to the request with enough funding for new boots.