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Socks for The Territorials

From the Denbighshire Free Press, 5th September 1914.


To the Editor of the FREE PRESS:
Sir.-As a past officer of the 4th Vol. Batt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, I felt I should like to do something for the men to whom we gave an enthusiastic send off from the Central Station a week ago, and also that there would be many who would feel as I do.  I therefore wrote to Col. France-Hayhurst offering to get for the Battalion a thousand pairs of woollen socks.  In reply I have received a most grateful letter, in which he says he cannot think of any more useful present.  He writes: "Socks will wear out pretty quick, as we shall be doing a lot of marching from now onwards, and in a fortnight or so will be of the greatest possible use."

I know there are many -- men who can buy and ladies who can knit -- who are only too anxious to do something for our local battalion if a really useful outlet for their kind wishes could be shown them.  A thousand socks is equal to one pair per man.  Socks may be forwarded to Mrs L. Hugh-Jones at the address below, who will receive and acknowledge them, and forward the thousand when complete to Col. France-Hayhurst with a full list of the donors.

Mrs Hugh-Jones makes the following suggestions:-

1.—That the socks should be forwarded to her in parcels of 10. Single pairs will, however, be very welcome and gratefully acknowledged.
2.—Plain knitted socks with ribbed tops 3 inches deep, properly turned heels and feet not less than 11 inches are the most suitable.
3.—To those who will knit socks, it may be useful to mention that needles size 14 or 15 with 84 stitches (or more if the wool is fine) make a useful size.

—Yours truly, LL. HUGH JONES, Chevet Hey, Wrexham.
September 3rd, 1914.

[Lady French had already appealed for socks for the British Expeditionary Force in France (here), but the Territorial Battalions were still training in this country. The Territorials tended to have closer links with their locality than the regular army - they had been living at home only a few weeks before - and so it was natural for the people in the area to support their own Territorials.  

Mrs. Hugh-Jones sounds like a competent woman, and evidently an experienced sock knitter.  I hope Mr. Hugh-Jones had discussed his idea with her before making the offer, since it doesn't appear to have involved any work on his part, other than writing the letter.]   

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