Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blankets for the New Armies

From the Colne Valley Guardian, September 18th 1914


The Press Bureau states that an immense supply of blankets is immediately required for the use of Lord Kitchener's new armies.  The War Office has acquired all supplies which, so far as it is aware, are available from the large dealers.  It is prepared to purchase in any quantities the stocks of suitable blankets from smaller firms and retail shops which have them to dispose of.  Sellers should immediately communicate with the nearest Army Ordnance Office.  In the meantime, all private individuals who have a surplus stock of blankets, and who are willing to contribute to the comfort of the new armies which are being formed, would render a great public service by making donations of blankets for the purpose indicated.

In order that collection and distribution of such gifts may be carried out without confusion or delay, the Lord Mayors and Mayors of every city and borough in the United Kingdom are invited to receive parcels of blankets offered in response to this notice, and to despatch them to the nearest ordnance officer.  All charges for the carriage of parcels of blankets will be defrayed by the ordnance officers.

[Another indication that the War Office was having immense difficulties in clothing, feeding and housing the huge numbers of men who had volunteered since the start of the war.]  

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