Wednesday, 10 September 2014

On Sending Socks

From The Times, 10th September, 1914.


E. C., 3, Palace-green, W., -writes:—Hundreds of socks for the soldiers are passing through my hands, and may I ask all those who are so generous in these gifts if they would kindly sew each pair of socks together at the foot and at the top of the leg and not pin them together with pins, safety pins, wire, darning needles stuck through cards with the remainder of wool for darning the socks?  Hands and arms of receivers are covered with scratches in taking out all these pins.  Many of the socks are not fastened together in any way, and it is impossible to prevent some of them from being separated and lost.  All this unnecessary work is a great delay in getting the goods off to the front.

[Hah! I thought as much. See my earlier comment here on sending a darning needle and some wool with every pair of socks.] 

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