Thursday, 9 July 2015

Women’s Part in the History of the War

 From The Times, 9th July 1915. 

Women concerned with or interested in war work should instruct their newsagent to secure Part 46 of The Times History at once, as an exceptionally heavy demand for this Number has arisen since attention was drawn to its contents in the debate of July 6 in the HOUSE OF COMMONS.

The mere enumeration of the subjects treated in Part 46 of
The Times
affords an indication of the exceptional interest of this Number to women generally, and in particular to those who are taking up any share of war work.  The wide scope of its brightly written and delightfully illustrated pages will be gathered from the following Table of Contents :—
Women's Anxiety to Help on Outbreak of War ;
Mobilization of the Nursing Services ;
Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service, Territorial Nursing Service, Naval Nursing Service, and the British Red Cross Society ;
Women Doctors at the Front ;
Women's Military Hospital in London ;
Queen's "Work for Women" Fund ;
Scheme for Central Committee on Women's Employment ;
Queen Mary's Needlework Guild ;
How the Suffragists and Anti-Suffragists Helped ;
Formation of War-Register of Women by the Board of Trade ;
Replacement of Men by Women. 

Part 46
Now on Sale. 7d.
With numerous appropriate portraits and photographs.
Written by one having a wide knowledge of, and a deep sympathy with, all questions affecting women, the Current Number of The Times History constitutes a complete justification of the present-day claim of women to be regarded as co-workers with men in numerous spheres of activity hitherto closed to their sex, whilst it fully recognizes their supremacy in the organization, administration, and actual performance of the Nursing Services and in everything appertaining to the Care and Relief of women and children in distress or out of employment.

[With hindsight, 1915 seems a bit early to be publishing a history of the war.]

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