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Auction in aid of Tobacco Fund

From the Burton Daily Mail, 15th July 1915. 




At a meeting of the Burton Tobacco Committee, at the Queens' Hotel, last evening, it was intimated that the auction sale to be held in aid of the funds will take place at an early date at premises in Station Street.  Sympathisers with the movement to keep Tommy's pipe alight, and who desire to "donate" goods for the purpose of the sale are requested to communicate with Mr. H. Cain, auctioneer, of High Street, Burton, who has kindly offered to dispose of them.
Anything will be acceptable so long as it can be turned into money—from a mouse trap to a grand piano.  The following is a list of the articles already promised:—
Mr. Charles Severn, Queens' Hotel—Bull mastiff pup, " Pansy."
Mr. J. G. Moxon, Lullington. — Old English sheep dog.
Mrs. Barton, Coach and Horses—Valuable old print.
Mr. J. Gilbert—Copper warming pan.
Mr. C. Onions, High Street—Poultry and fruit to the value of a guinea.
Mr. H. Clarke, Uxbridge Street—Two bags of soot.
Mr. F. D. Beels—Prize, whose nature is to be decided upon.
Mr. Rowland Radford—Couple of rabbits.
Mr. Harry Stanley—Six sheep-dog puppies, of excellent pedigree.
Councillor W. P. Stanley—Leg of mutton.
Mr. Joseph R. Cain—Bible dated 1599; and galvanic battery.
Mr. W. G. Outhwaite, Derby Road—A couple of baths. 
Altogether purchasers may take their choice of 20 or 30 useful lots.  It has been suggested that a cup be presented to the donor of the best pup shown. Will some sympathiser with the fund kindly oblige?

[A wonderfully diverse selection of donations.  The soot was probably for use as a garden fertiliser.]  

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