Thursday, 30 July 2015

Comforts Sent to the Bedfordshire Regiment

From the Bedfordshire Times and Independent, 30th July 1915.


Sir,—I venture to enclose a list of "comforts" which have been sent by my committee to the Regular Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiments since the beginning of the war.  There has been a most generous response to the appeal both in money and clothing.  Many things will be need in coming months, and I shall be glad to receive gifts of money or clothing.  (This latter should be sent to Mr. T. Baker, St. Mary's, Bedford).  I should like to remind those who have so kindly helped us up till now, that socks and shirts are the most useful things they can make.  We are in communication with the Commanding Officer of each Battalion, and try and supply immediately what they ask for.
I am,
Yours faithfully.
Chairman of the Committee for Supplying Comforts to the Regular Bedfordshire Battalion.
65, Ennismore Gardens, S. W.,
July 27th, 1915.

List of articles sent : —3623 pairs of socks; 2017 pairs of mittens; 655 body belts; 1258 mufflers: 620 shirts; 200 dozen handkerchiefs; 166 dozen towels; 12,000 candles; 157 sleeping helmets; 60 housewives; 80 pairs kneecaps; 20 Cardigans; 36 chest protectors; 4 Thermos flasks; 33000 cigarettes; 12 gross matches; 400 pipes; 50 air cushions for stretchers (presented by the boys of the Grammar School); 50 footballs (presented by the boys of the Modern School); chocolate, tooth brushes, soap, tinder lighters, letter wallets, braces, Boracic ointment, cold cream, vaseline, note paper, boot laces.

 [Another list of apparently random numbers of different items.  I do wonder how, for instance, 4 Thermos flasks were shared by an entire regiment.] 

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