Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Gift of Comforts

From the Flintshire Observer, 15th July 1915.


Welsh Fusiliers' Gratitude for Gift of Comforts.

In connection with the Soughton Patriotic War Fund a draw took place some short time ago, as a result of which a very substantial sum was raised for the purchase of comforts and necessaries for the soldiers at the front.  Among the goods forwarded were packages of tabloid tea, socks, towels, shirts, body belts, scarves, razors, scissors, clasp knives, Balaclava helmets, writing utensils, soap, etc.  Besides a large consignment addressed to the Welsh Regiment, a large parcel of specially-prepared sweetmeats was despatched to the Indian troops.  ...

An acknowledgment has been received from the headquarters of the 1st Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers in France, dated 29th June, as follows: -- “Dear Sir,—I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 24th inst., and to thank you, on behalf of the officers and men of my battalion, for the consignment of comforts which the committee of the Soughton Patriotic War Fund have been kind enough to send for them.  I understand from the Quartermaster that the consignment has reached him, and I will have the articles distributed as soon as the battalion is relieved from duty in the trenches in the course of a few days.  The selection sent will be most acceptable to the men, and the kindness which has prompted its despatch is much appreciated by us all. -Yours respectfully, R. A. Berners, Lieut.- Colonel, commanding 1st Royal Welch Fusiliers.”

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