Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Evening Activities for Girls

 From the North Eastern Daily Gazette, 21st July 1915. 



SIR, —Will you kindly allow me, through your paper, to make known generally to the girls of Redcar and district, that they will shortly have an opportunity of "doing their bit" for their country in this grave hour of national peril. Every girl is anxious, one knows, to help, but the exact opportunity is difficult to find.

A committee has been formed, to start what will be known as a "Flag Room for Girls."

This room will be open once a week during August, and more frequently as the days get shorter. The first part of the evening will be devoted to making simple inexpensive comforts for the men now fighting at the front, and the wounded in the hospitals, such as sand-bags, bags for hospital use, "housewives," washing gloves, milk covers, etc. Later in the evening instruction will be given in simple ambulance and first aid work, war-time cookery, and other timely knowledge.

 Girls of any age will be welcome, the only charge being one penny weekly, and a small charge for light refreshments, if desired. The place and date of opening of this room will be announced very shortly —meantime offers of help in arranging the evenings and classes, loans of furniture, games, pictures, papers, and above all, a piano, are very urgently invited.

The spirit of “doing something for England” should animate us all just now, and we cordially invite ALL girls to join the Flag Room.

 Any donations, gifts or loans, should he kindly made known to Mrs Mayo, The Bank House, or Mrs Lonsdale, 46, High-street, Redcar, who have kindly undertaken the business management for the committee.—I am, yours truly,
Organiser National Union of Woman Workers.

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