Saturday, 11 July 2015

British Eau-de-Cologne

From The Illustrated London News, 10th July, 1915.

LADIES' PAGE (continued)

Trading with the enemy being strictly forbidden both by law and right feeling, we must resolve to follow henceforth, so long as our lives shall last, the good example set for years by her Majesty—namely, support British industries.  Eau-de-Cologne, by a curious coincidence, is recommended by competent chemists to be inhaled as an antidote if the monstrous cruelty of dropping poison bombs (from Cologne and neighbourhood) on sleeping London is successfully carried out.  Messrs. Grossmith, the celebrated manufacturers of "Shem-el-Nessim" and other favourite perfumes, have come to the front with an excellent British Eau-de-Cologne, which they have named the "Golden Still" brand.  It is procurable from all chemists and stores in bottles at prices from 9d. upwards, and is of wonderful freshness and delightful odour; it will be found most refreshing in the sick-room, for headache, or to relieve fatigue and strained nerves.



[I doubt if Eau-de-Cologne would have been much use against poison gas, in fact.]

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