Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Gifts for Soldiers and Sailors

From the Perthshire Advertiser, 9th December 1914.


Recognising .the demand for something useful and comforting as an Xmas Present for our defenders, we have encouraged our employees to utilise every spare movement [moment?] during business hours in knitting and making articles that are sure to be appreciated.
They have a range of
Hand-Knitted Socks, Mittens, Belts, Sweaters, Gloves and Sleeping Helmets; also Flannel Bed Jackets and Nightingales, for Wounded in Hospital.
The materials employed are the best for the purpose, and in most cases the prices asked do not include any charge for labour, which is given ungrudgingly.
There is now great difficulty in obtaining yarns, so that we are unable to accept any special orders for the knitted goods.
Along with these Special Articles we show an excellent range of
Knitted Balaclava Helmets, Gloves and Scarves, Woven Belts and Helmets, Sleeping Socks, Khaki Mufflers and Handkerchiefs.

W. BRYDSON, 23 St John Street, Perth.

[It seems an odd idea to have shop assistants knitting items for sale, while at work. It's not clear whether the other items, i.e. not the 'Special Articles', were machine knitted, but presumably they were, if 'Hand-Knitted' was considered to be special and worth stating.

There are occasional mentions at this time of a shortage of knitting yarn.] 

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