Saturday, 6 December 2014

Mittens for Breconshire Soldiers

From the Brecon & Radnor Express, 5th December 1914.

Will the knitters of Breconshire help again and make 300 pairs of mittens for 2nd Bn., S.W., [South Wales Borderers?] now marching into Germany.  Germany is very cold.  Col. G. Raikes, D.S.O., is begging for mittens.  There is wool at 89, The Watton, Brecon, and here is the recipe for knitting:--
Eight pairs should be made of 1 lb. wool.  Please begin at once.

Pattern for Mittens :-- 4 No. 12 needles. Cast on 48 stitches. Knit 24 rows 3 purl 3 plain.  Knit 20 rows plain.  To make hole for thumb.  Turn and purl all 3 needles.  Turn and knit all 3 needles (as for back of heel in sock).  Do this 12 times.  Knit plain all round 6 rows, 12 rows, 3 purl, 3 plain, cast off loosely.


[Miss de Winton was evidently a woman of few words. I think the mittens are intended to be knit in the round, although she doesn't make that clear.

I'm sure the South Wales Borderers were nowhere near marching into Germany at this point in the war - or for several more years.]

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