Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A 'Work for Women' Workroom

From The Times, December 1st 1914


The Queen yesterday visited the workroom which has been established at the Royal Institute of Public Health in Russell-square as a branch of Queen Mary's Needlework Guild.....

Her Majesty inspected the workroom, in which 30 girls and women were engaged in making and remodelling clothes, and conversed with many of the workers.  In the library of the institute a number of garments were displayed.  Some of these were new, but others had been remodelled.  There were petticoats made out of tea-gowns, a girl's dress made out of a man's dressing-gown, and, notably, a number of clothes for boys and girls which had been fashioned from golf capes.  Some hundreds of garments have been sent from the workroom to our soldiers and sailors and to the Belgian refugees.

The undertaking has an excellent educational value, as the women to whom employment is given are taught the work of remaking clothes.  The Queen expressed her appreciation and approval of the work that is being done.

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