Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Training for Women

From the Derbyshire Courier, 21st December 1915.

Women and the L.C.C.

The London County Council has not lagged behind in recognising the importance of training women to take the places of men who will shortly join the colours.  It very wisely called in the aid of several highly educated and competent women, who drew up some schemes for training girls in a number of skilled London industries.  The result is that women have now a chance of learning better paid trades, and a new chapter of industry is beginning.  Courses for women and girls are given at the Borough Polytechnic in the mechanism of the motor car.  Superintended by a skilled motor-car engineer, the pupils learn to repair and clean the machinery, to take it to pieces, and to re-construct it.  The lessons are as perfect as it is possible to make them, and are given in a motor engineering workshop.  There are also “workshop” courses; where women can be prepared to take up skilled employment in the metal and wood industries.  Another course teaches women and girls to do all the “odd jobs” about a house, and at the Grocers’ Trade Schools many girls have prepared themselves to serve in grocers’ shops.

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