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Christmas in the Shops

From the Illustrated London News, 4th December 1915.

Christmas in the Shops. 

Always in touch with the times, Messrs. Wilson and Gill, of 139-141, Regent Street, W., in addition to their stock of jewellery, plate, etc., arc offering dainty naval and military badge-brooches in gold and enamel at moderate prices.  The A.S.C., illustrated, costs £3 17s. 6d.; the Naval badge, £4 10s.; and the Royal Flying Corps, £2 10s.  The badge of every regiment is kept.  There is a new gold identification-disc, forming locket, at 75s., which includes engraving of name, regiment, etc., and a gold neck-chain.  Treasury Note cases in black moir√©, pigskin, etc., cost from 5s. each.  Messrs. Wilson and Gill will send an illustrated catalogue on application.

For men on active service, or for ladies—for whom the pen is sold in a silk-lined case—an always acceptable Christmas gift is an "Onoto" Safety Fountain Pen, for it possesses the cardinal virtues of such pens: perfect freedom from risk of leakage; self-filling; cleanliness, and constant readiness for use.  The "Onoto" can be sent by post without fear of leakage.  For military use the pen is made to fit comfortably into the bottom of the regulation tunic pocket, where it is least likely to fall out and get lost.  It can be filled readily without any external appliance, from any ink supply, and as the ink is drawn through the nib in filling it does not get choked up.  The "Onoto" costs from 10s. 6d, and it can be seen at all stores, stationers, etc., or it can be ordered by post.

Not only at Christmas, but all the year round, those who are not faddists know that a little stimulant is often desirable to keep one in health, and, so long as moderation and purity are studied, physicians admit that a little whisky is wholesome and beneficial.  But it must fulfil these conditions, and the one which depends upon the distiller can be assured by choosing Messrs. Buchanan's Scotch whiskies, which are matured and carefully blended.  Their famous "Black and White" and "Red Seal" brands contain all the elements to ensure good health, and a case forms a very seasonable gift.

"Carter's" and "comfort" have become almost identical terms, for the skill of the well-known house of surgical engineers at 2, 4, and 6, New Cavendish Street, W., in producing apparatus for the increased ease and comfort of invalids, cripples, and those who are not strong is amazing.  In these days of war their inventions are peculiarly valuable, and much in request for presents.  Their catalogue, which will be sent on application, is a revelation. Their productions are not wholly for the wounded or the invalid.  Their "Rest and Comfort" chairs are made to conform to any position the tired body may desire.  These chairs are supplied from 37s. 6d. each.....

Eighteen months of war have served to show what is perhaps, the most welcome of all presents to men at the front or on the sea, whether officers or men, and that is tobacco.  In times of peace there is an endless variety of articles suitable as gifts for men; but to-day there is no doubt that the majority of those serving their country would prefer what is the best and most acceptable gift for any man at any time — a box of really good cigarettes.  With this in view, it would be well to buy some "De Reszke " cigarettes for men friends — "De Reszkes," because they are acknowledged to be a superlatively excellent brand.  A hundred "De Reszkes" mean a hundred thoughts of you, and the giving of a hundred pleasant times to the brave fellows who are fighting for their country—and for you.

…those seeking Christmas presents will find a luxurious host of them, of all kinds and at all prices, at the show-rooms of Messrs. Charles Packer and Co.. 76 and 78, Regent Street.  This year they are wisely specialising in articles cognate to the war, for anything that is of use to our men at the front makes irresistible appeal just now; and at Messrs. Charles Packer's there is, for instance, a small, compact match-box case in silver, the lid of which, when open, forms a miniature wind-screen, behind which a light can be obtained under any conditions.  This will prove a real boon in the trenches, and is in much demand.  In solid silver its price is a guinea, and no more welcome present for soldier, sailor, or civilian could be desired.  A luminous wrist-watch, too, is an indispensable part of field equipment, and Messrs. Packer offer some for £2 15s. complete, with luminous hands and figures.  It is strong and serviceable, and a perfect time-keeper.  Of military-badge brooches, which form ideal Christmas boxes for ladies, Messrs. Packer make a speciality, supplying the badge of any regiment set as a brooch and made in fine gold and enamels, correct in every detail, for two guineas each.  A fully illustrated catalogue of Messrs. Packer's fine collection of jewellery and plate will be sent, post free.

There are some seasonable presents which are universally acceptable, and although the time-honoured axiom, "sweets to the sweet," holds good, there are some "sweets" which are equally appreciated by ladies, children, and our soldiers and sailors.  Of such is Mackintosh's Toffee de Luxe, and the sugar, butter, and cream which are its ingredients give it a real warming, stimulating, and food value.  Mackintosh’s Toffee, nicely put up in tins and made by Mackintosh, of Toffee Town, Halifax, is a seasonable and welcome gift to young and old, and no doubt will be included in countless parcels sent to our brave defenders by land and sea.

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