Friday, 4 December 2015

Appeal for Mufflers

From the Denbighshire Free Press, 4th December 1915.


We hear that, although the notice that they were required was very short, the 1,000 pairs of mittens asked for by the War Office by November 25th, were successfully provided by the county, in response to the appeal of the Association, and were at once sent out to France.  A fresh War Office requisition for 1,000 mufflers before December 15th has now been received, and an earnest appeal to all workers is made for their help to provide these.  The mufflers should be 58 inches long, by 10 inches wide, of khaki wool.  This can be obtained at cost price from the Association Depot now established at the Drill Hall (and open on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 2 till 4), and a rebate of threepence per lb weight will be returned to the working parties on the finished articles brought in to the Depot.

[It seems very strange to me that the War Office should have arbitrarily designated mittens and mufflers as 'comforts', i.e. luxuries, that they were not going to provide, and then started issuing requisitions for them (through Sir Edward Ward).  It seems a churlish way to treat volunteers too.  Apart from other considerations, if the War Office wanted thousands of mufflers, they could easily have had them made by machine, rather than asking hand-knitters to provide them.]       

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