Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A British Canteen in Paris

From the Derbyshire Courier, 21st December 1915.

A British Canteen in Paris.

The British canteen at the Gare du Nord Station in Paris is one of the most useful of war institutions in that city.  The Women's Emergency Corps founded it in February.  It is worked by ten English ladies, each of whom contributes to the expenses, and they are on duty in three shifts during the 24 hours.  An immense cellar placed at their disposal has been converted into a warm and pleasant clubroom, capable of serving as dormitory, dining and sitting room, kitchen and storeroom.  Hundreds of soldiers and sailors, British. French and Belgian, use it daily, and both they and their officers appreciate thoroughly what is done for them.  This consists of preparing and serving a midday meal for nearly 300 men, distributing coffee, fruit and cigarettes to the wounded who arrive in hospital trains, and preparing and serving tea and supper to even a greater number.  Men on their way to and from the front sleep in the canteen, and always find a hot breakfast ready at whatever hour they may have to leave.

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