Thursday, 24 December 2015

Comforts for the Troops: Mittens wanted

From The Brecon and Radnor Express, 23rd December 1915


Sir.—The Director General of Voluntary Organisations has sent a requisition to our county depot for 500 pairs of mittens, which he desires the Radnorshire Association to forward as quickly as possible to his Base Depot at Havre.  Mittens should be 8 inches in length from wrist to knuckles with short thumbs and have long cuffs.  The hon. secretary, Mrs Gilbert Moseley, County Buildings, Llandrindod, will be glad to receive contributions of mittens, a single pair or more will be gratefully acknowledged.  This is the first requisition sent to our Association, and we are most anxious to be able to fulfil it satisfactorily.  There are 60 parishes in Radnorshire, will not each one help a little?  The need is real and as the articles are to be sent direct to France from Llandrindod, there is no fear of any delay in their reaching our men in the trenches.  We hope to be able to send off the parcel early in January or as soon as it can be ready.

—Yours faithfully. 
President of Radnorshire Association, Halesworth, Suffolk. 
Dec. 17th, 1915. 

[Here is Sir Edward Ward (Director General of Voluntary Organisations) putting volunteers around the country to work, to supply exactly what he decided was needed.  Requisitions like the one sent to Radnorshire must have gone to every county association, presumably tailored to the size of the county.  I do wonder what the volunteers felt about the new system.  Previously each group had sent their comforts to specific groups of men - sending things to a depot in France for distribution to the Expeditionary Force must surely have seemed much more impersonal.]

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