Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Horse Meat in Glasgow

From the Glasgow Herald, 11th August 1915.



In our article on the sale of horse meat in Glasgow it was stated that the three shops opened in the city are conducted by Belgian refugees.  We are now informed that the shop in Anderston district, which is situated at 589 Argyle Street, has been opened by a Glasgow citizen, Mr W. P. Morrison, who up till the outbreak of war was connected with the export trade in worn-out horses to the Continent, a business which he conducted from premises in Castle Street, Townhead.  Mr Morrison, who is "not the least bit ashamed" of the venture, opened the shop in Anderston on Friday last, after issuing circulars among inhabitants of the locality announcing his intention.  These circulars were printed in both Flemish and English.  As to the attitude of Glasgow people towards horse flesh as food, Mr Morrison states: —"I find that the Scots housewife is going to be my best customer, and I feel sure that once many of those who at present feel repelled from using horse flesh begin to realise the value they are getting they will give it a trial."  Mr Morrison slyly adds that he has been struck with the number of cats in the district, and has been surprised at the generosity of their owners to them.  Sometimes, he states, they buy two quarters of meat a day for the cat!

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