Monday, 31 August 2015

Female Tram Conductors in Berlin

From the Glasgow Herald, 31st August 1915.


The Berlin Tramway Company has greatly increased the number of its female employees owing to the constant drain on its male servants by the military authorities.  The number of female conductors at the end of June was 2000.  It has now been increased to 2700, and it is stated that should the drafts for military purposes continue the entire staff of conductors, numbering 4900, will be comprised of women in the early autumn.  Hitherto no attempt has been made to use women as drivers, but it is understood that the military authorities have informed the company that the male drivers will all be wanted in a short time, and that it will be necessary to begin with the training of women.  Some 250 intelligent women have been already selected by the company for instruction.

[British newspapers evidently liked to report on things that were happening in Germany, especially when it could be slanted towards showing that the British way of doing things was better.  As here, newspaper articles often referred to the fact that there was conscription in Germany, but i don't detect any suggestion here that women should not drive trams.]    

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