Friday, 28 August 2015

Absence of Fashions

From the Derbyshire Courier, 28th August 1915.


Lady Juliet Duff, whose husband has died upon the field of honour, has inaugurated a society for economy in dress and no new fashions during war tone.  The League which she established decrees that all luxuries and extravagances of other kinds besides those in connection with clothes shall be taboo whilst the country is still fighting.  No men servants, except those ineligible for military service, are to be employed, no motor cars to be used, except for stern necessity or in connection with war work and charities.  This is a step in the right direction, and from the right people.  Many ladies of rank and wealth are enrolled, and are pledged to turn from every kind of luxury.  Beyond the money that will be saved, there is the lesson it will carry to our Allies that we have really wakened up to the struggle before us, and it will also demonstrate to our enemies our determination to spare nothing to bring victory to our armies.

[Lady Juliet Duff's call to ignore changes in fashion had also been discussed in The Illustrated London News.]  

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