Friday, 2 October 2015

Matinee In Aid Of Our Soldiers And Sailors.

From the Halifax Courier, October 2nd, 1915. 



On Saturday, by the generosity of the directors, a matinee was held at the Palace Theatre, in aid of the Mayoress’ Red Cross Fund and for Sailors and Soldiers' Comforts.  A special souvenir programme of the matinee had been printed, and on this was the poem, "Comforts for absent ones,” written by the manager, Mr. E. O. Waller.  Amongst the select company present were the Mayor and Mayoress, Mrs. Simpson-Hinchliffe and Mrs. Burn.  By permission of Mr. T. Macnaghten, this week's artistes appeared and gave a highly-appreciated programme.  There was a full orchestra, which played acceptable selections.  Fredrica’s whirlwind terriers gave an exceptionally fine performance, evidence of wonderful training, and the comedy aerial turn by Pedersen Bros., was also fine.  Indeed, all the artistes did well.  In addition to the professionals Mr. A. T. and Miss E. Hanson, of the Halifax Light Opera Society, appeared in a song-scena, and a concert party from the Halifax Light Opera Society gave a musical sketch. [members of the concert party listed.]  Southowram Band, under the conductorship of Mr. A Fawthrop, gave selections.

During the interval, the mayor expressed the thanks of the Mayoress and committee to the directors of the Palace Theatre, to Mr. Waller, to the week's artistes, to the orchestra, the Light Opera Society members, Southowram Band, and to the Theatre attendants, all of whom had given their services.  They were greatly indebted to many people in Halifax for the work they had done for the soldiers at the front, and His Worship hoped the comforts would be continued, because more comforts would be required during the coming winter than last.  It must be a great comfort to the soldiers fighting to know they were thought of by the people at home.—(applause).

Mr. E. O. Waller, replying, said their hard labour had been a labour of love.  It was bard work for the artistes to appear in the afternoon and twice at night, but when it was mentioned to them, they-readily and unanimously agreed - {applause). Any time he could be of service he would be only too pleased to do anything in his power to help those who were away—(applause).

[Some of the entertainments mentioned are hard to imagine - the 'comedy aerial turn', and especially Fredrica's whirlwind terriers. They sound a bit exciting compared to the 'acceptable selections' played by the orchestra.  I guess that 'this week's artistes' were a travelling company that put on the same show in theatres around the country.] 

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