Saturday, 26 September 2015

A New Woolholder

From the Derbyshire Courier, 25th September, 1915.


We all know the discomfort of continually dropping a ball of wool while knitting or crocheting, with the consequent entanglements of the wool, and many devices have been invented to prevent this.  Work-bags with a hole through which the wool is drawn, and metal bracelets from which the wool is suspended, are among these.  These metal bracelets are used by many workers; but there are others, like myself, who would find a ball of wool dangling from their arm an intolerable nuisance.  A homely device, and one that was quite successful, was shown me the other day.  The worker had placed a 3lb. jam-jar on the floor beside her chair, put the wool in, and knitted in peace.  When the knitting was finished with for the time, the whole thing, needles and all, was dropped into the jar.  Of course, this “home-made work-bag” would be rather heavy to carry about, and was not very elegant; but the shape and size seemed right, and anyone who wished anything more beautiful could easily decorate the outside, and something lighter could be made by using a cardboard cylinder instead of the jar.

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