Friday, 30 October 2015

Schoolchildren Knitting

From the Grantham Journal, 30th October 1915.

JUVENILE WORKERS.—The girls and boys of the Folkingham School have been endeavouring to “do their bit” by collecting money in the village, spending it on wool and knitting comforts for all Folkingham men who are serving their King and country.  During the past week they have sent off fourteen parcels, and hope to forward the rest shortly.  Each parcel contains socks, mufflers, mittens, and a tin of sweets, together with a cheerful letter from one of the scholars.  The scholars wish they could do greater things.  We hope the inhabitants will continue to support them by being liberal with their pence in order that they may continue their good work.  The sums already collected amount to £1 17s. 10½., whilst a friend sent 10s.  Strict accounts are kept by the children, and may be seen at the School.  Already some of the scholars have received letters from several of the recipients, thanking them for the gifts.

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