Friday, 10 April 2015

V.C. Hero Recommends Zam-Buk

From the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette, 10th April 1915. 


Says You Cannot put too much Faith in Zam-Buk.

Having just won the V.C. for conspicuous bravery at Rouges Bancs, France, Pte. 10684, Abraham Acton, of "B" Company. 2nd Border Regt., tells of the share the well-known Zam-Buk had in achieving his proud honour.

Twice, undaunted by the enemy's heavy fire, did Acton leave our trenches to fetch in wounded comrades, one of whom had been lying in agony some 75 weary hours.  Acton knew that there is no useful bravery without physical fitness: and it is because Zam-Buk has so often contributed to the physical well-being of himself and of his comrades, that he has written a letter of gratitude to the proprietors of the celebrated "first-aid."

"You can't place too much faith in Zam-Buk, says Pte. Acton.  "It has been very useful to me on many occasions.  I have used Zam-Buk for my feet especially to keep frost-bite out, and to cure sprains: also for cleanly and quickly healing cuts from barbed wire and other things.  Zam-Buk is indeed a grand thing for every soldier on active service to carry in his haversack."

N.B.—If you have a relative or friend at the front, take it upon yourself to see that he is at once provided with one, two or three 1/1½ boxes of Zam-Buk.  They will prove invaluable in a thousand emergencies just as Zam-Buk always does in the home.

[Zam-Buk, a herbal ointment, was widely advertised, and during the war often based its ads on the usefulness of Zam-Buk to the troops at the front. An earlier post in the same vein is here.] 

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