Wednesday, 8 April 2015

War Office Supplies of Clothing

From The North Devon Journal, 8th April 1915.



The Secretary of the War-office announces that there is now such a large stock of clothing, under-clothing, mufflers, &c., both overseas and at home, that no further supplies of warm clothing need be sent to the troops.  Arrangements are, however, being made to store the surplus stock of these articles, and any gifts from private sources of articles not included in the list of those officially supplied will, if sent to the Chief Ordnance Officer, Royal Army Clothing Department. Grosvenor-road, Pimlico, London, be stored in the same way.  For the guidance of the public a list is attached showing the articles of clothing which have been officially supplied to the soldier during the past winter.  In making this announcement, the Secretary of the War-office desires to express the thanks of Lord Kitchener and the Army Council to all those who individually and collectively have so generously supplemented the official issues, and thereby so greatly mitigated the inevitable hardships of the winter.

The list of clothing officially supplied to the soldier during the past winter is as follows:—
Cardigans, cap comforters, woollen drawers, cotton drawers, gum boots, gloves (woollen and fur-lined), hosetops, mackintosh caps, flannel shirts, sweaters, socks, towels, woollen vests, waders of many descriptions, hospital clothing of all descriptions, fur-lined coats, fur waistcoats.

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