Thursday, 21 August 2014



No Rise in our Prices.
As our contracts for Autumn and Winter goods were fortunately made early in July, and as they are not subject to War risks, our prices during the coming months will be as advantageous as usual.


and in the present crisis we shall not even be slaves to any fear as to the ultimate result, and this is so because we have implicit confidence in the righteousness of our cause and in all the administrators of our National affairs - CONFIDENCE is a necessary foundation of all great successes.  As retail distributors, we attribute our increasing success to the ever growing public confidence in our merchandise, and in our written and spoken word---A confidence which we fully appreciate, and are thankful for, one which has been gained by consistently giving good service, honest value, exclusive styles, and always keeping prices as low as is consistent with the very best materials and soundest workmanship.

Watts The Clothier, Brecon
Opposite the Monument.

(The Brecon and Radnor Express, 21st August, 1914.)

[This is a real period piece.  They don't write ads like that any more - far too wordy and full of words like 'advantageous'.  And no-one now would have confidence that 'righteousness' would be a guarantee of success, even if you could be sure that the righteousness in a conflict was all on one side.]

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