Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Huddersfield Territorials Depart



The Huddersfield Territorials were mobilised early on Wednesday morning [August 5th].  The order was received at the Drill Hall at 8-15 on Tuesday night with enthusiasm and hearty cheers.  During the night the men slept on the floor of the Drill Hall with one blanket under, and one over them.

When mobilisation was ordered, the men joined their companies at the earliest possible moment, and brought with them the following articles for their personal use:  (1) whole of their regimental equipment and clothing (with the exception of scarlet uniform); (2) one pair of boots in addition to those in wear; (3) complete change of underclothing (including shirt and socks); (4) knife, fork, spoon, razor, shaving brush, comb, button brass, sponge, blacking brushes, brass brush, cloth brush, two towels, soap, cleaning materials, toothbrush, and hold-all; (5) one spare pair of boot laces; (6) pair of braces; (7) housewife, with buttons, needles, and thread; (8) clasp knife, with tin opener.  The articles provided would not necessarily be of military pattern, but were required to be serviceable enough to last three months.  If found serviceable, payment would be made for the articles.  The above-named articles composed the whole of the men's war kit, and in addition they were provided with entrenchment tools and 100 rounds of ammunition each.

In the parade ground adjoining the Drill Hall, 450 officers and men of the 5th Battalion were paraded. ... The men were then marched through the streets to the railway station....   Hundreds of people lined the route, and a good deal of interest was shown in the men's departure.  On every side, the seriousness of the situation was realised.  The men, however, had a very cordial but quiet reception.  As the men marched into the station, some of them began to sing, and shouted “Are we down-hearted?”

The station was closely guarded by police and railway detectives, and no one who had not legitimate business was admitted.....  There was good reason to believe that two bank clerks who travelled with the train were in charge of £6,000 which was taken in order to provide for the men's requirements.

The members of the band of the 5th Battalion did not take their instruments, but the bandsmen, together with the sanitary staff, will be under Major Demetriadi's command.  They will sleep in the waiting-rooms at Grimsby station.  The members of the band have passed examinations in ambulance work while at camp, and they have attended lectures on ambulance work during the past winter. The band of the 5th is said to be the most efficient band of the division in stretcher work.

(Colne Valley Guardian, August 7)

[The Huddersfield Territorials were the 5th Battalion of the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).  Major Demetriadi was a Huddersfield doctor and surgeon - the bandsmen acted as stretcher bearers when the battalion was on active service.]

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